Statement from President Houston Davis to students, faculty, and staff

Since its inception, our country has wrestled with the sin of racism. George Floyd’s death places our country in an open battle with those demons once again. Many have viewed the horror of one human devaluing another and choking the life from Floyd as others stood by in silence and inaction.

Floyd is yet another in a horribly long list of casualties and victims of racist atrocities. For some in our society, these are current events and historical references, but for others — especially our friends and neighbors of color — this is their daily existence and constant fear. They should know that as members of the University of Central Arkansas community, they are safe. On the grounds of our campus, they are safe from violence and are valued members of our family. At our university, we stand for academic integrity, vitality, and diversity. We know that our diversity is our strength. We will not stand by in silence and inaction when any members of our family suffer.

Our students, faculty, and staff will respect and value each person’s dignity and rights. Those who would discriminate or hurt another person are on notice that our university community will not tolerate behavior that does not represent the values held dear by UCA.