John Gale, new University College director

The Division of Undergraduate Studies has welcomed a new member to their staff. Mr. John Gale, a UCA alumnus, is the new director of University College and a faculty member in the Department of Mass Communication and Theatre.

He previously was the Director of the Crabaugh Communication Center at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville. Gale enjoyed his time and friendships at Tech but the opportunity to work at his alma mater was something he couldn?t pass up. Gale said, ?UCA is a dynamic school, with such an excellent educational program and I wanted to be part of it.?

As former head of the Department of Speech, Theatre and Journalism at Tech, Gale feels he has a good grasp of the needs of faculty and students and believes his experience will help him in his new job.

As director, Gale?s main duties will be examining and revising the mission statement for the program and assessing the programs needs. He plans to secure more resources in the tutoring labs and to assess the success of university college students.

Gale said, ?This is a successful program and I hope to help obtain the goals that UCA has set and continue to make UCA the best university.?

Gale also wants to continue the success of University College has had by reaffirming how good the faculty and programs are at the university. Gale plans on doing this by having the faculty to continue their exemplary teaching and providing a support service for the students who are needing help making the transition to a college lifestyle.

He said, ?Through its different approach to the curriculum it is giving the students a unique opportunity for success.?

University College is a program that has evolved over the years to become a distinctive opportunity for a portion of the student body. The purpose of the program is for students to have real and meaningful academic success and to also give the professors an opportunity to help these students get to their ultimate goal – graduation.

Students are placed in University College if they do not meet the university?s admissions criteria. Once students are a part of the program, they will take educational classes with personalized assistance that will help better prepare them for the transition to upper division classes. Three of the most common classes taken are intermediate algebra, transitional reading and transitional writing.

University College is unique to UCA in that it is a support mechanism for higher learning. University College, under the direct leadership of Gale, is providing a set of tools that will help students initiate success.

-Anna Lacy