iPads Workshop Set for Feb. 10

Alaina Alexander
Outreach & Community Engagement


Conway– The University of Central Arkansas and the Department of Outreach and Community Engagement are offering a free workshop for educators on using iPads in the Classoom. The workshop, iPads in the Classroom, invites educators of all grade and subject levels learn how the iPad can impact student learning.

The workshop will be held Friday, February 10th from 8:30am – 12:30pm at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center located on the UCA campus.

Mr. Harry Dickens, co-author of Apps for Learning: 40 best iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone apps for High School Classrooms, will lead the workshop and demonstrate how to use free and inexpensive apps in the classroom.

Educators can expect to discover how the iPad impacts the classroom; whether it’s true, anytime anywhere content development, or merging 60 pounds of textbooks or an entire library into a 1.5 pound device. Educators will also learn how to take advantage of what the iPad has to offer by exploring the multitude of instructional possibilities.

The workshop is recommended for users with little to no experience with iPads, iPods, and/or iPhones. Interested participants can register online through Outreach & Community Engagement at uca.edu/outreach/educator-development.


About the Presenter

Harry Dickens is the technology director for the Arkansas Public School Resource Center and currently serves on the Arkansas State technology planning committee in addition to chairing the teaching and learning subcommittee. He teaches professional development classes on infusing technology into instruction throughout Arkansas, as well as national conferences.