UCA Debate and Forensics Team

The University of Central Arkansas Debate and Forensics team finished in fourth place at the International Public Debate Association (IPDA) competition held in Shreveport, Louisiana in April.

Competitors representing UCA this year were Cagney Kilgroe (Varsity), David Lee (Junior Varsity), Jacob Holland (Professional), Dalton Cook (Professional), Hayden McCormick (Varsity), Autumn Wilson (Varsity), Greta Hacker (Junior Varsity), Wayne Buckner (Novice), Adam Cox (Junior Varsity), Keely Smith (Novice), Lauren McHenry (Novice), Anna Stroud (Varsity), Marco Ramirez (Varsity), Zane Ashcraft (Judge), Skyler Austen (Judge), and community member Tristan Presley (Professional).

The UCA squad at nationals was the largest that Anthony McMullen, director of UCA Debate and Forensics, has taken to a national tournament.

Several team members brought home national awards. Holland and Wilson brought home a Team IPDA Double Octafinals award. Lee and Buckner received Team IPDA Octafinalist award in their first team tournament, while Cook and McCormick received Team IPDA Semifinalist awards. McHenry and Buckner received Novice Triple Octafinalist awards.

Wilson received Varsity Double Octafinalist and 10th place speaker in Varsity IPDA. Cook received a Professional IPDA Octafinalist award. Holland received Professional IPDA Quarterfinalist and 3rd place Professional speaker overall.

Not to be finished yet, the team also walked away with many season-long awards.  Holland and Wilson received 9th place overall debate pair overall for the season. Holland also received 6th place overall varsity debater, as well as number one in the national season-long program for team debate speaking.

As a squad, UCA received the third place season-long program award for Team IPDA squad and fifth place overall Professional IPDA squad.