Amy Whitehead named director of CCED

AMYWThe University of Central Arkansas has named Amy Whitehead Director for the Center of Community and Economic Development (CCED). Whitehead will oversee the Community Development Institute, development of training and technical assistance activities for Arkansas communities, and the development of external partnerships that will further the university’s outreach and engagement goals.

Josh Markham, former project coordinator for CCED, has been named Assistant Director of the program.

“I am pleased to bring on Amy and Josh in their new capacities as Director and Assistant Director of our community and economic development program,” said Executive Assistant to the President Gilbert Baker. “These two individuals have been able to impact the State of Arkansas through their grant-funded efforts, and by making the university a state and regional leader in training and best practices for community and economic development professionals.“

JOSHMCollectively, Whitehead and Markham have extensive experience in community and economic development work in Arkansas.

“I am excited to lead the university’s efforts in community and economic development, and I look forward to working with our stakeholders and partners to make Arkansas communities stronger and more economically viable,” said Whitehead.

Whitehead is certified as a Professional Community and Economic Developer through the national Community Development Council. She is a graduate of both the Community Development Institute and UCA’s Master of Science in Community and Economic Development (MSCED), where she now serves as an adjunct faculty member. She holds several statewide leadership roles, including serving as board member of the Arkansas Community Development Society, member of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension’s Breakthrough Solutions Advisory Council, charter member of the Arkansas Community Foundation- Faulkner County Future Fund, and board member of the national Community Development Council. Whitehead previously served as Assistant Director of CCED.

Markham has developed strong relationships in the nonprofit sector and in youth leadership development that have been key focus areas under the group’s work with the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation. He earned a Master of Arts in English at UCA. His areas of expertise include project management, marketing, public relations, and logistics for community training projects. Markham’s work allows him to assist rural community leaders in their efforts to improve Arkansas communities. Also, Markham works to provide professional development and training opportunities to individuals working with non-profits in Arkansas. Lastly, Markham represents over 200 constituents through his elected position on the University of Central Arkansas Staff Senate. Outside of his professional life, Markham is an active volunteer for the Faulkner County Urban Farming Project and Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

The Center for Community and Economic Development (CCED) is a part of the University of Central Arkansas’ Division of Outreach and Community Engagement. CCED manages the Community Development Institute Central, supports Arkansas communities and community developers, and represents the university in its community engagement efforts.