69th annual Service Awards

The University of Central Arkansas celebrated its 69th Service Awards on Thursday, April 28, in the Ida Waldran Auditorium. This event recognizes retiring faculty and staff members, as well as those with milestone anniversaries.

Retiring faculty and staff with their years of service are as follows:

Shelly Albritton, Academic Affairs

Kevin Browne, Academic Affairs

Brian Bolter, Academic Affairs

Dean Covington, Academic Affairs

Raymond-Jean Frontain, Academic Affairs

Zaida Gomez-Kramer, Academic Affairs

Chris Knight, Finance and Administration

Keith Kuykendall, Finance and Administration

Bill Lammers, Academic Affairs

Donna Lawrence, Academic Affairs

Larry Lawrence, Finance and Administration

Ellen Lewis, Academic Affairs

Richard Martin, Athletics

Pamela Massey, Office of the President

John Murphy, Academic Affairs

Steven Nadler, Academic Affairs

Diane Newton, Finance and Administration

Susan Peterson, Academic Affairs

Lisa Ray, Academic Affairs

Wendy Rickman, Academic Affairs

Patricia Rogers, Academic Affairs

Leigh Vernon, Academic Affairs

Employees with milestone anniversaries were also recognized in the following categories:

Richard Martin, Athletics

Jane Elphingstone, Academic Affairs

Carla Grant, Student Affairs
Tim Ingram, Finance and Administration
Michael Murphy, Finance and Administration
Nancy Reese, Academic Affairs

Patrick Desrochers, Academic Affairs
Russ Hancock, Advancement
John Merguie, UCA Police Department
Donna Murphy, Finance and Administration
Robert Rowell, Academic Affairs

Sandy Ahne, Finance and Administration
Carla Barber, Academic Affairs
Christopher Bentley, UCA Police Department
Judy Huff, Academic Affairs
Tina Mankey, Academic Affairs
Michael Rubach, Academic Affairs
Lauren Stout, Academic Affairs
Stephanie Vanderslice, Academic Affairs
Benjamin Waggoner, Academic Affairs