Paths to Completion

Our MBA program incorporates seven core courses aimed at strengthening managerial skills and three electives to tailor the MBA curriculum to suit specific career goals.

Our MBA program provides several distinct options to earn your degree, providing flexibility while also ensuring the quality of the UCA MBA remains the same – no matter how you choose to personalize it.
There are three formats: traditional, online, and blended.

  • Traditional, on campus option: Whether you are a full-time student or part-time
  • student balancing your coursework with other responsibilities, our program offers traditional, on campus classes to meet your needs. Classes are conveniently offered both during the day and in the evening.
  • Online option: We understand that coming to campus is not always practical, so you may choose to complete your MBA entirely online. Rest assured that our online classes provide you with the same quality and opportunities for learning and growth as do our traditional classes.
  • Blended option: With our blended option, students get the best of both worlds. You can choose any combination of traditional and online classes that works best for you, your work schedule and learning style.

For the online option and the hybrid option, you can finish the degree program within one year.

Our MBA program is conveniently designed with you in mind, and each path to completion will drive students to succeed in the classroom and beyond.