MBA with Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Data analytics is one of the fastest-growing fields in business organizations today. As companies collect more and more data from all manner of sources, managing and using it for competitive advantage has become increasingly important.

The UCA College of Business offers a graduate certificate in Data Analytics that can be completed along with the MBA program. The certificate includes four courses (12 hours). To earn your MBA and certificate requires 11 courses (33 hours).

MBA Core (21 Hours)

MBA 6301 Information Technology for Managers
MBA 6302 Accounting for Management Decisions
MBA 6305 Financial Decision Making
MBA 6308 Marketing Strategy
MBA 6320 Strategic Management
MBA 6325 Organizational Behavior
MBA 6330 Operations Management

Data Analytics Courses (12 Hours)

Required courses

CISA 5380 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
CISA 5381 Data Mining and Applied Analytics

Choose two courses

CISA 5320 Critical Thinking and Experimental Design
CISA 5330 Prescriptive Analytics
CISA 6325 Predictive Analytics
CISA 6335 Python and Data Analytics
CISA 6355 Info. Technology Project Management
CISA 6365 Data Warehousing and Data Management