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Center for Leadership Development

“The Center for Leadership Development has helped me to see my personal leadership style along with providing opportunities for me to cultivate it towards achieving balance within my leadership.  This has helped me in being able to create a positive living community as a student staff member in Housing.” -Carl Ratliff

“When I came to UCA as a Freshman, I wanted to find a place on campus that was going to push me and help me with the transition to college.  I found this in i.d.e.a.l.  [The] i.d.e.a.l. [Freshmen Leadership Team] showed me different types of leaders.  It taught me that just because you may have a different leadership style than someone else doesn’t mean your style or another individual’s is wrong.  As I continued to grow in my leadership development I became a part of President’s Leadership Fellows (PLF).  PLF not only allowed me to interact with former President Courtway and current President Davis, but also gave me the opportunity to grow my professional network by meeting prominent members of the Conway and Faulkner County communities.  I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve experienced during my years of participation in the Center for Leadership Development’s programs.” -Whitney Meyer

“The Center for Leadership Development is a hidden gem (mostly because many people don’t know the Student Center has a basement).  As a freshman, it opened my eyes to opportunities that I never thought I would experience, and I’m sure that others can say the same.  From being on the i.d.e.a.l. Freshman Leadership Team, learning at the Leadership Summit, and even as a Student Facilitator for the Conway Conversations event, the Center has definitely helped me become a greater leader not only for myself, but for the people around me.  The Center has really been an influential and fun part of UCA for me, and I would encourage everyone to find a way to be connected with faculty and staff there.  I believe that everyone can be a leader, but you have to have the drive for it.  If you have the drive to improve yourself, the Center for Leadership Development is the best place for you!” -Mylon Boston