Columbia and Liberty: Uniting ALL Americans to Join the War Effort

These posters illustrate the themes of Columbia and Lady Liberty.  Columbia was a symbol of America that originated before the Revolution, while Liberty was a new but equally powerful icon.  During World War I, Columbia and Lady Liberty were more common symbols of the US than even Uncle Sam.

Poster propagandists used Columbia and Lady Liberty to call all Americans to action, but their frequency of appearance and modern images also promoted women’s progress.  Whether American women were actively in the war, on the home front making itemsfor the war, or conserving resources in their own households, they werebig contributors to the war effort. Columbia and Lady Liberty regularly reminded Americans of women’s many roles.

Contributors:  Jared Neville, MaKayla Russell, and Cole Clift.

Learn more about this whole suffrage centennial project, created by teams in Dr. Kim Little’s HIST2302:  America in the Modern Era First-Year Seminars.