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Rodney Harris

Degree: MA History

When did you graduate? I received my BA in the Summer of 2009, I graduated from UCA with my MA in History in the Spring of 2011.

What were some of the most rewarding/influential classes in your major? For me Early National History and Civil War

Where did you live? While I worked on my MA at UCA I kept an apartment in Conway and traveled two and a half hours home to my wife on weekends.

What groups did you belong to? I was involved in Phi Alpha Theta

Did you participate in any experiences outside the classroom in your major field? I presented a paper at the Arkansas Historical Association

What other experiences did you have that enriched your time as a student at UCA? Not only did I get to present original research at a conference, I also attended two national conferences (The Southern Historical Association).

What did you plan to do with your degree? I am currently a third year PhD student at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville where I am a Graduate Research Assistant and a Diane D. Blair Fellow in Southern History and Culture.

How are you using your degree? I am currently a Graduate Research Assistant to the editor of the Arkansas Historic Quarterly.

What disciplinary skills do you use most often in your current job? Research abilities that my MA Thesis advisor, Lorien Foote taught me.

What are your plans? What will your degree allow you to do/accomplish as you move forward? Once I complete my PhD I plan to pursue a tenure track teaching position at a college or university.

What is the most surprising/unexpected thing you learned about yourself during your time as a History student at UCA? I came to UCA planning to get my MA and teach at the Community College level, the faculty at UCA who took me under their wing helped show me that I could continue on and eventually earn my PhD.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get a BA in History? A BA in History is a great choice for a major whether it your final goal or if you are going on to pursue a Graduate Degree. A Liberal Arts degree provides you with the training to enter many diverse fields.