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Amy Fox

Degree: BA

When did you graduate? 2014

What were some of the most rewarding/influential classes in your major? Dr. O’Hara’s Tudor and Stuart England, Dr. Craun’s History of Christianity I, and Dr. Barnes’ History of Christianity II.

Where did you live? Carmichael hall freshman year and then off campus at the Grove and in Little Rock

What groups did you belong to? none

Did you participate in any experiences outside the classroom in your major field? The Faulkner County Museum open house day with Dr. Little’s seminar class.

What other experiences did you have that enriched your time as a student at UCA? I really enjoyed my anthropology minor classes with Dr. Campbell and Dr. Hall, especially Peoples and Cultures and Museum Anthropology

What did you plan to do with your degree? I had planned on attending graduate school.

How are you using your degree? I’m currently studying Medieval Archaeology at the University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England, where I’ll obtain a Master of Arts degree in 2015.

What disciplinary skills do you use most often in your current job? My masters course requires a lot of critical reading and strong study skills, which I developed at UCA.

What are your plans? What will your degree allow you to do/accomplish as you move forward? I plan on continuing my education and getting a PhD in Archaeology and then I will probably either teach or work in a museum.

What is the most surprising/unexpected thing you learned about yourself during your time as a BA student at UCA? I learned how to use my time wisely and Dr. Little’s notecard method for organizing notes on big papers is a life saver.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get a BA in history? Definitely to get the notecard method down early. Take any of Dr. Jones’ classes that you can – even if they’re not in your field or what you’re very interested in, it’s absolutely worth it. Get to know the interlibrary loan system really well, but also use the state’s public libraries.