Nutrition (NUTR)

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[1] Courses in Nutrition (NUTR)

5325 MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY I A course for graduate dietetic majors. Advanced study of nutrition as a medical specialty from the perspective of disease prevention, treatment, and research; including nutritional assessment, patient interviewing strategies, medical terminology, and charting techniques. Course includes extensive use of case studies. Prerequisites: NUTR 3370 and BIOL 2405. Fall, spring.

5340 GERIATRIC NUTRITION This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of nutritional needs of older adults. The topics will help students gain insight related to physiological changes, diseases and environmental factors affecting the nutritional status of aging adults. Prerequisites: NUTR 1300 and BIOL 2405. This course will be delivered online. Fall.

5374 MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY II Advanced course for graduate dietetics majors. Continued study of nutrition in therapeutic dietary prevent, treatment, and research of nutritional problems in disease states. Includes in-depth case studies. Prerequisite: NUTR 5325. Fall, spring.

6330 METABOLIC NUTRITION A course for graduate students in FACS. The primary focus of this course is on the pathways of human metabolism by which cells synthesize and degrade carbohydrates, lipids (fats), and proteins. Included in this course is the chemistry of the reactions that constitute these pathways, how energy is derived from the breakdown of nutrients, how metabolic pathways are regulated by coenzymes, regulators, and hormones; review of papers in scientific literature is also included. Prerequisites: NUTR 3390 and BIOL 2450. Offered every summer and offered fall and spring as needed.

6335 NUTRITION COUNSELING A course for graduate students in FACS. The focus of this course is on learning theories, motivational interviewing strategies, nutrition counseling skills, and the development of client educational programs. Prerequisite: FACS 3456. Offered each summer and offered fall and spring as needed.

6340 DIABETES MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY A comprehensive course including all aspects of diabetes diagnosis, treatment, and education with special emphasis on Medical Nutrition Therapy for all life stages and populations with diabetes. Prerequisites: NUTR 4325; NUTR 4374 or instructor consent.  Offered each spring.

6345 PEDIATRIC NUTRITION A course for graduate students in FACS. This course covers nutrition issues from preconception throughout late adolescence, with a particular emphasis on nutrition correlates of normal growth and development and on the consequences of under and over nutrition. Prerequisites: FACS 3370 and BIOL 2405. Offered each summer and offered fall and spring as needed.