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[1] Graduate Courses in Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

5130/5230/5330 SPECIAL TOPICS Special topics to cover varying areas of interests and needs. Variable credit. Summer.

5310 PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT IN FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES This course will focus on the development of FACS programs in educational settings. Specific topics will be selected based on current research. A review of innovative curriculum and an analysis of current needs will provide the basis for the development of model programs. On demand.

5315 NUTRITION SERVICES PRACTICUM I Supervised practice in the procurement, production, and distribution of nutritional services in health care facilities. Prerequisite: Admission to Dietetic Internship program. Summer.

5316 NUTRITION SERVICES PRACTICUM II Supervised practice in personnel and financial management of nutritional services in health care facilities. Prerequisite: Admission to Dietetic Internship program. Summer.

5317 COMMUNITY NUTRITION PRACTICUM Supervised practice in community nutrition agencies. Prerequisite: Admission to Dietetic Internship program. Summer.

5318 CLINICAL NUTRITION PRACTICUM Supervised practice in the nutritional assessment, education, and counseling of hospitalized patients. Prerequisite: Admission to Dietetic Internship program. Summer.

5321 NUTRITIONAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Food Service operations relating to management principles, methods of control, sanitation and safety, and training of food service personnel. Prerequisite: FACS 3380. Spring.

5324 NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT An overview of nutritional assessment techniques including dietary, biochemical, anthropometrical, and clinical with emphasis on nutritional needs in disease states. Prerequisite: FACS 4374 and admission to Dietetic Internship program. Fall.

5355 METHODS AND MATERIALS IN VOCATIONAL FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES Secondary curriculum and teaching materials. Student organizations, extended learning experiences, the public relations and community service programs will be examined. An extensive review of literature will be required. The course will be a workshop format. Fall.

5375 NUTRITION IN EXERCISE AND SPORTS A review of current research on nutrient requirements in exercise, providing a rationale for dietary recommendations. Prerequisite: FACS 1300 or equivalent. Spring.

6300 CURRENT ISSUES IN FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES Recent advances in family and consumer sciences. Consideration of the total family and consumer sciences program in education, business, hospitals, community, and government agencies. Spring.

6303 HISTORY OF FASHION Chronological study of fashion from ancient times to the twentieth century with emphasis on modern Western culture. On demand.

6305 PROBLEMS IN CONSUMER TEXTILES Recent developments in textiles in relation to use and performance, agencies aiding consumers, and standards in the textiles field. On demand.

6306 CLOTHING TRENDS This course is the study of contemporary apparel trends and design in the context of the fashion industry.  It includes a review of psychological/sociological factors that motivate human behavior regarding fashion.  The study will examine environmental, economic, and technological influences upon the fashion industry.  Research assignments will investigate, analyze, and forecast interpretations of current fashion trends. On demand.

6307 CURRENT FINDINGS IN FOOD Current research on food preparation, packaging, selection, storage, and preservation. Prerequisite: FACS 2310 or consent of instructor. On demand.

6308 TRENDS IN NUTRITION Recent developments in nutrition with emphasis on interpretation of the findings and application in family food. Prerequisite: FACS 3370 or consent of instructor. On demand.

6309 CONSUMER ECONOMICS The family’s problems in buying goods and services; government action relating to consumers; factors affecting prices of consumer goods. On demand.

6310 ADVANCED RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Theories of resource management, including decision making, organization, time management, resources, and values. Prerequisite: FACS 3311 or consent of instructor. On demand.

6311 READINGS IN FAMILY RELATIONS Current literature in marriage and the family. On demand.

6312 READINGS IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT Survey and evaluation of literature with implications for application in the family. On demand.

6313 DIET THERAPY The nutritional management through diet of persons with altered clinical conditions, i.e., diseases and metabolic disturbances. Prerequisite: FACS 3370. On demand.

6320 DIRECTED STUDY Directed independent study of techniques for problem design, analysis, and evaluation in one of the five specialization areas of family and consumer sciences. Prerequisite: Permission from instructor in area of specialization and chair of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. On demand.

6330 TRANSDISCIPLINARY ASSESSMENT OF YOUNG CHILDREN Issues involved in transdisciplinary assessment of children ages birth to five with special needs and their families. Procedures for selecting, administering, and interpreting assessment instruments will be discussed. Students will be given the opportunity to observe and/or participate in transdisciplinary assessment. On demand.

6331  READINGS IN PARENT AND CHILD RELATIONS   Survey and evaluation of literature for parent child relations, parenting strategies. Blackboard course.

6332  READINGS IN ADULT DEVELOPMENT AND AGING  Survey and evaluation of literature with implications for adult development, particularly the later states of life. Blackboard course.

6335  EVIDENCE-BASED RESEARCH IN NUTRITION   A study of the use of systematically reviewed scientific evidence in making food and nutrition practice decisions.  Blackboard course.

6341 HOUSING Physical, economic, and socio-psychological aspects of housing in relation to personal, family, and community resources. On demand.

6342 HOME FURNISHINGS Furnishings of the home from their practical and interior design aspects. On demand.



6354 TRANSDISCIPLINARY INTERVENTION WITH YOUNG CHILDREN Analysis of the development of the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). Professionals from involved disciplines will discuss transdisciplinary strategies and materials used with young children with special needs in a variety of settings. Prerequisite: FACS 6330 or permission of the instructor. Summer.