Change Log

This file will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the Graduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

More Recent Changes

Dates of individual changes are, as always, indicated parenthetically after the description of the change.

♦ Corrected national recognition information about the Library Media and Information Technologies program (2018-02-13|jag)
♦ Updated links to GRE and GMAT exam sites in Admissions page (2018-01-20|jag)

September 2015

♦ Reintroduced the following statement – erroneously deleted – to core requirements in the MM program: “At least 50% of all music credit hours must be at the 6000 level.” (2015-09-22|jag)
♦ Removed SLMA 6210 from the Building Administration PMC curriculum in the SLMA program page (2015-09-17|jag)

February 2015

♦ Updated description and requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Music (2015-02-15|jag)

December 2014

♦ Added new courses to the MBA program: MBA 5355, MBA 5341, MBA 5361, and changed course title for MBA 6301 (2014-11-24|sm)

November 2014

♦ Corrected course numbers for internship co-requisites in the SLMA course list (2014-11-24|jag)
♦ Corrections to the MBA program description page (2014-11-23|jag)
♦ Corrections to the Language Arts Option in the English MA program description (2014-11-23|jag)


October 2014

♦ Corrected required hours statement in Creative Writing program description (2014-10-13|jag)
♦ Updated course descriptions in the Accounting course page (2014-10-13|jag)
♦ Corrected GEOG course number in the MS in CED, General Program (5320 to 6320) (2014-10-09|jag)
♦ Added information about a new Latin Diction Review course in the Music department page and Music course page (2014-10-08|jag)
♦ Links for Gainful Employment program information throughout (2014-10-02|jag)
♦ Updates to Graduate School contact information in the page (2014-10-02|jag)

September 2014

♦ Correction to Educational Leadership page, §7 (2014-09-22|jag)
♦ Corrections to OTHY course list (2014-09-22|jag)
♦ Corrected course descriptions for MUS 5316 and MUS 5101, 5102, 5103 in the MUS courses page (2014-09-11|jag)
♦ Corrected required hours indication for the PMC in District Level Administration (2014-0901|jag)

August 2014

♦ Added new MBA emphases (2014-08-06|jag)

July 2014

♦ Revised requirements to the PhD School Psychology – Counseling Psychology emphasis
♦ Increased total credit hour requirement from 18 to 21 for the District Administration Post-Master’s Certificate (PMC) with the addition of EDLP 6324

June 2014

♦ Added new courses MUS 5101, MUS 5102, MUS 5103
♦ Revised requirements for Master’s of Music vocal performance majors and Master’s of Music choral conducting majors in order to comply with NASM.
♦ Revised formula for number of transfer credit hours allowed under General Requirements and Admission for Graduate Study.

May 2014

♦ Added new course PTHY 7216 Women’s Health Topics in Physical Therapy
♦ Added new course PTHY 7113 Differential Diagnosis and Intervention for the Shoulder Complex
♦ Added new course PTHY 7112 Differential Diagnosis and Intervention for the Hip and Knee
♦ Removed the licensure requirement for admission to the Physical Therapy PhD program
♦ Added new track in the Masters of Arts in English program – Language Arts Option
♦ Revised course description for ENGL 6365

April 2014

♦ Removed portfolio and comprehensive examination as MSN degree requirements.
♦ Changed course title for MATH 5373 from Applied Statistics to Regression Analysis.
♦ Added new course CSCI 6310 Advanced Data Mining.
♦ Added missing course to the Nutrition and Foods track of the MS in Family and Consumer Sciences.

March 2014

♦ Published (2014-03-31|jag)

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