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How do I get started?

How do I complete the BearX Co-curricular Transcript?

To complete the entire Bear Experience Co-curricular Transcript, a student must complete all required activities within each of the Four Central Pathways.

You will add activities to your Bear Experience Co-curricular Transcript over the entire course of your time at UCA. Your Bear Experience Co-curricular Transcript will get better year after year!

Participating in the approved activities will build skills that employers, graduate schools and scholarship committees are increasingly expecting from university graduates.

The Bear Experience Co-curricular Transcript will provide evidence of how you invested your time and the skills that you acquired.

The Four Central Pathways

  • Community Engagemtent and Service
    Skills: Community Collaboration, Civic Engagement, Problem Solving, Social Responsibility
  • Diversity Awareness and Inclusion
    Skills: Appreciation of Differences, Civil Discourse, Cultural Agility, Inclusive Collaboration
  • Intellectual and Professional Development
    Skills: Career Management, Communication, Learning Agility, and Professionalism
  • Well-being and Personal Development
    Skills: Conflict Resolution, Self-Assessment, Self Discipline, Resilience

What activities will be included on my BearX Transcript?

Not all activities are created equal.

Some activities just require you to show up and listen. On the other hand, you may be the person who created, organized and presented the activity! To make sure that we recognize your level of engagement and learning, we have categorized activities into three different levels of achievement.

Awareness Level Activities

Learning is primarily achieved through listening or observation. Students increase their understanding of the skills by attending lectures, events, and/or programs.

Activities on this level are automatically added to the BearX transcript when you scan into an event.

Examples of Awareness Level Activities:

  • Volunteer Fair
  • Earth Day Events
  • Big Event Volunteer
  • Service day events
  • Job Fair
  • Career Fair
  • Resume Review
  • Conference Week Presentations
  • Leadership Summit Conference
  • SAB Speaker Series
  • PRSSA Spring/Agency Industry Tour
  • To see a complete list of Awareness Level activities, click on the “awareness tab in the Path. Check often, new events are added weekly

To complete the Awareness level, you must participate in eight activities in your chosen pathway.

These activities will be completed over the course of your entire time at UCA.

Engagement Level Activities

In order to complete the Engagement level, students must attend the activity and submit a brief reflection about their experience. You will not receive credit until the reflection is submitted and reviewed.

For the reflection, students should address: How did I engage in this experience to demonstrate, communicate, or apply my knowledge?

Examples of Engagement Level Activities:

  • Big Event Team Leader
  • Service-Learning Course
  • Extended volunteer involvement
  • Elevator Pitch Competition
  • Campus Interviews
  • Step Ahead – Student Worker Training
  • Research presentation at an academic conference or symposium
  • Contributor or juror to an art exhibition
  • Creative performer, reading of original work
  • Contribution or submission to a publication

To complete the engagement level, you must participate in four activities in your chosen pathway.

These activities will be completed over the course of your entire time at UCA.

Leadership Level Activities (optional)

You do not have to complete activities on this level to complete the BearX transcript. However, students who complete this level have gone above and beyond by demonstrating leadership, creativity and developing, or organizing in a way to reach others.

If you do participate in activities on this level, you must attend the event and submit a brief reflection about your experience. You will not receive credit until the reflection is submitted and reviewed

For the reflection, students must address: How did I demonstrate leadership by creating, developing, or organizing in a way to reach others?

Examples of Leadership Level Activities:

  • Bears Serve Leaders
  • Leadership of a service-oriented RSO
  • Service-Learning Course
  • Nonprofit internship
  • Departmental College Ambassadors
  • Faculty Teach In Events
  • Leadership position in academic honor society, club, or organization
  • Organizer of an undergraduate/graduate research symposium
  • Organizer or curator of an art exhibition
  • Director, producer, manager of a creative performance
  • ROTC

These activities will be completed over the course of your entire time at UCA.

How do I find approved activities?

Can I use one activity to fulfill more than one requirement?

No. We encourage students to seek out unique co-curricular activities and experiences to fulfill required experiences.

Can I report participation in activities that are not listed?

Yes. You can Self-Report an experience by using the Report Experience link within the item. Be sure to fill in the required information and include information that can validate your experience – like a photo or copy of a certificate!


“We don’t learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey

To receive credit for Engagement and Leadership level activities, you must submit a brief reflection.

Taking time to reflect transforms experiences into genuine learning.

Reflection allows you to consider your individual values, goals and skills. It also maximizes your ability to clearly communicate accomplishments to future employers, graduate schools and scholarship committees.

Where do I go if I have questions?

Visit the Office of Student Services in the Student Health Building, room 210. Ask for Wendy Holbrook or Tracy McGarrity.

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday – 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Alternatively, e-mail with your question and we will follow-up electronically.