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Collection Administration

The UCA Public Art Committee is a standing committee of the university,  charged by the administration to facilitate responsible care, storage and exhibition of specified UCA Art Collection objects; and to encourage and coordinate selection and placement of art works in public spaces on campus that visually communicate the university’s commitment to excellence.

To implement the charge, the UCA Public Art Committee commissioned a collections management policy.  The policy was completed as part of the Museum Assessment Program (MAP) sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Association of American Museums. UCA Collections Management Policy standards and guidelines reflect museum-quality best practices for university art works.

Faculty and students locate and document objects that are accessioned into the UCA Art Collection. The accessioned art works are catalogued and are prioritized for professional assessment and conservation. Objects designated for public spaces are installed in incremental stages over time in cooperation with building administrators. The goal is to coordinate museum-standard stewardship of all UCA art works in order to:

  •  insure availability of the UCA Collection for scholarly research and exhibition in perpetuity, and
  •  to craft an informed and sophisticated visual presence in the built environment.

The UCA Public Art Committee works with the UCA Foundation, Inc., to accept donations of artwork or of assets that may be utilized to benefit the UCA Art Collection or the built environment.  The committee reviews recommendations from the UCA Foundation, Inc., at quarterly meetings in February, April, September, and November.

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Curtis QuiltDorris Curtis, Sampler (Princess Feathers and Peach), watercolor, 27 x 27 1/2 in., Gift of the Artist, University of Central Arkansas Library