2+2 FAQ

Q: What are the benefits if I participate in the 2+2 program?
If you follow a 2+2 agreement, you will know exactly what courses to take and can be assured that every course will transfer seamlessly to UCA, saving you both time and money!
Furthermore, if you successfully complete the first two years of a 2+2 agreement, you will be assigned a UCA catalog year corresponding to your academic year of entry at our partner institution (or, if the 2+2 agreement was not in effect when you began at our partner institution, the catalog year corresponding to the academic year of 2+2 agreement inception). 
So, academically speaking, it will be as though you’ve been attending UCA all along!
Q: What are the minimum requirements to receive full benefits from the 2+2 program?
Every 2+2 agreement is built upon the foundation of Associate degree completion.  So, in order to verify that you’ve successfully completed the first two years of your 2+2 agreement, we will need a final transcript from our partner institution, indicating that you’ve earned your Associate degree. 
We will then complete a 2+2 Verification Form, using the appropriate 2+2 checklist version from our partner institution for your declared major (2+2 Verification Sample).
Q: What if I change my mind?
That is totally fine!  Indicating that you are following a 2+2 agreement does not obligate you to anything, and there is no penalty if you change your mind.  We understand that your higher education experience is a journey; the 2+2 program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to “jump on” or “jump off” any one of our 2+2 plans whenever you choose.
Q: What if I need to transfer before completing my Associate degree?
Although we encourage every student from a partner institution to first complete an Associate degree before transferring, we understand that life circumstances sometimes dictate otherwise. 
If you must transfer to UCA prior to completion of your Associate degree, you can send your UCA transcript back to our partner institution in order to earn your Associate degree through a process called reverse transfer.  
Q: What if there isn’t a 2+2 agreement for the UCA degree program I plan to major in?
We have excellent resources to assist you, no matter what you plan to major in at UCA!  You can view the Academic Map for any one of our degree programs and can also review our Transfer Equivalency Guide to see how your completed courses will transfer to UCA.
If you do not see a particular course located within our Transfer Equivalency Guide, simply complete our Syllabus Upload Form; you will be notified by email once the course syllabus has been evaluated.