First2Go Awareness Campaign Week

September 11-15, 2017


Tuesday: See UCA First Gen Faculty and Staff share their own stories (click)

First-generation college students who earn a degree have the ability not only to change their own lives, but also the lives of their family members and their communities.  The more we know about their strengths and challenges, the more we can support them.

FIRST2GOMAINA first-generation college student is a person who is the first in the family to attend a post-secondary educational institution.

The First2Go Awareness Campaign is a campus-wide event that seeks to raise awareness of the challenges faced by first-generation college students, as well as highlight resources available to our first gen students. During the First2Go Campaign, faculty, staff, and students are invited to show their support by wearing their First 2 Go button, and sharing their own success stories.  Campus groups and departments are invited to organize events related to first-generation student success.

First2Go is sponsored by the Office of Student Success, University College, Student Services, Academic Advising Center, Office of Diversity & Community,  Learning Communities, and Housing & Residence Life.


Schedule of Events
  • Monday, Sep 11: Show your support for first-generation college students with a First2Go button, available today at the Student Center or in the Student Success Office (Old Main 104).
  • Tuesday, Sep 12: Check out our resources on first-generation college students, including videos of UCA First Gen community members!
  • Wednesday, Sep 13: First Gen faculty and staff share their own stories in class, in the office, everywhere!
  • Thursday, Sep 14: Celebrate First2Go! UCA’s first-generation college students have stories to share with our community. Make plans to attend today’s panel of faculty, staff, and students to hear more about their experiences. X-Period, Fireplace Room, McCastlain Hall.



Resources for First Gen students:

First Generation Student website

First Gen Students Need Mentors (article/video)

Research about First Gen student challenges/opportunities:

Transforming the First Generation College Student Toolkit

The Importance of Advising for First Gen Student Success

Additional articles & studies:

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