Professional Development

Welcome to Fall Semester 2014.

Here's something to think about...

“Professional Development is a life-long commitment that includes development of skills at varying levels and at different stages throughout the career path.” University of South Florida, Division of Student Affairs, Professional Development Plan.

UCA Student Services Professional Development Committee:

Kaylon Bradford,

Mathilda Hatfield, (chair),

Tina Jordan Livingston,

Kendra Regehr,

Charlotte Strickland


From the Division of Student Services 2013-18 Strategic Plan Priorities:

Organizational and Operational Effectiveness (OE)

Objective: OE 3 – Promote intentional and ongoing student services staff Professional Development

OE 3.1 Create division Professional Development committee

OE 3.2 Institute professional development activities, curriculum, and opportunities for division staff; including Annual Retreat

OE 3.3 Promote membership in local, regional, and national Professional Development Associations

The Division’s comprehensive Plan encompasses three components: Education, Communication / Recognition and Resource


Establish a series of professional development activities and opportunities for division staff; including Annual Retreat.

Quarterly Education Activities

  • Lunch-n-Learn


Division Meetings

  • Speaker Series
  • Annual Retreat
  • Holiday/Celebration Gatherings


Personal Development


Communication / Recognition

Celebrate Achievements by implementing annual staff awards that support mission and strategic goals

  • De-newsletter
  • “High Fives” for achievements, scholastic / professional / outstanding community & campus service.



Serve as a resource on professional development memberships and associations.

  • Maintain list of division staff serving their respective professional associations
  • Maintain list of division staff membership in associations and community service organizations that may serve as cross-training opportunities.