Frequently Used UCA Information

UCA is a public, predominately undergraduate institution (PUI) of higher education (IHE) with 35 master’s programs and 7 doctoral programs. It is a teaching intensive university that is both Title III and Title V eligible. It is tax exempt under both Arkansas law and under IRS Code (Section 115(1)); however, the University itself is NOT a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. While UCA is NOT a minority-serving institution (MSI), approximately 23% of our student population identify themselves as minorities.

Official University Name and Address

University of Central Arkansas (UCA)
201 Donaghey Ave.
Conway, AR 72035

Authorizing (Signatory) Official / SAM Registration

At the pre-award proposal stage, the director of Sponsored Programs is the authorizing signatory official. Certain types of applications will require the official to sign off through an online portal or in person. Professionals in Sponsored Programs will make arrangements for your application to receive the appropriate signature or you may contact…

Dr. Angela Barlow, Dean of the Graduate School and Director of Sponsored Programs
Phone: (501) 450-5061

UCA’s SAM registration is active through 05/09/2018.

Board of Trustees by Term Expiration

  • Mr. Brad Lacy (2019)
  • Ms. Shelia Vaught (2020)
  • Ms. Elizabeth Farris (2021)
  • Mr. Joe Whisenhunt (2022)
  • Mr. Robert “Bunny” Adcock (2023)
  • Rev. Everette Cornell “E.C.” Maltbia (2024)
  • Ms. Kay Hinkle (2025)

If a grant application requires more specific information regarding the Board of Trustees (addresses and professions, for example), please contact Sponsored Programs at 450-3451 or


Legislative Information

  • Arkansas Assembly House District Number: 70 (change from 2012)
  • Arkansas Assembly Senate District Number: 35 (change from 2012)
  • Enabling Legislation (acts in place of a charter or articles of incorporation and the IRS 501(c)(3) Letter of Determination): Arkansas Code Title 6, Subtitle 5, Chapter 67, Sections 101-114 (for reprint permission, contact Sponsored Programs).
  • U.S. Congressional District Number: AR-002

Non-Profit Status

UCA is a tax-exempt non-profit established by the Arkansas State Legislative Assembly. We are NOT a 501(c)(3) charity with an IRS Letter of Determination (LOD). If a grantor requests a copy of the LOD, a copy of UCA’s enabling legislation can usually be substituted. Please contact the program officer before proceeding. 


  • CAGE/NCAGE Code: 1TBA0
  • Data Universal Numbering System Number (DUNS): 006562250
  • Entity Identification Number (EIN): 171-6001828A2
  • Human Research Protection Plan (HRPP) Federal-wide Assurance (FWA) Number: 00000042
  • Institutional Profile File Number (IPF): 0496701
  • Public Health Service (PHS) Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A4179-01
  • UCA Federal Employer Number or Taxpayer ID Number (TIN): 71-6001828


UCA’s indirect-cost rate (IDC, also known as the finance and administration rate or F&A) is negotiated with the Department of Health and Human Services.  Our DHHS representative is Joel McKenzie, (214) 767-3261. NOTE: indirect costs are often unallowable under many programs. Sponsored Programs will ensure the IDC rate is charged where it is allowed. IDC rates are as follows:

  • IDC for On-Campus Employees with Effort toward a Grant: 32.59% of salaries and wages.
  • IDC for Off-Campus Employees with Effort toward a Grant: 20.00% of salaries and wages. 

According to the guidelines of our negotiated rate, fringe benefits must be charged as a direct cost to grant application budgets. UCA’s fringe benefit rates are as follows: 

  • 31% for faculty, classified and non-classifed staff, and extra help working 30+ hours a week: fall and spring.
  • 20% for faculty, classified and non-classified staff, and extra help working 30+ hours a week: summer.
  • 8% for staff working as “extra help” (<30 hours per week): calendar year. 
  • .30% for graduate assistants and student workers: calendar year.

Research Assurances

  • Human Research Protection Plan (HRPP) Federal-wide Assurance (FWA) Number: 00000042
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee Chair: Reid Adams,, (501) 450-5933
  • Public Health Service (PHS) Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A4179-01
  • Radiation Safety Officer: Rahul Mehta,, (501) 450-5906

Sales Tax Rates

Latest Update: February 2018
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