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Note: This page provides a general overview of the programs.  Always consult the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin and speak with your major advisor regarding all major and university requirements.

Clear Camera November 2013 252Major in Sociology--33 Hours

The degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, with a major in sociology, requires the completion of 120 hours, including the general education component, degree requirements, major requirements listed below, a minor worked out with a minor advisor, 40 upper division hours, and a minimum 2.0 GPA overall, in the major, and in the minor. Students may declare a major in sociology after they have completed SOC 1300 with a grade of C or better.

All sociology majors are required to take 15 hours of core courses:

SOC 1300 Principles of Sociology     (A prerequisite for all SOC classes)

SOC 2321 Social Statistics               (Before Seminar)

SOC 3320 Social Research               (2nd semester Junior year)

SOC 4330 Social Theory                  (Before Seminar)

SOC 4360 Seminar                          (1st semester  Senior year)
(Prerequisites:  SOC 2321, 3320, 4330)

Course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

All sociology majors are required to take 18 hours of electives.

Major in Criminology--39 Hours

Requirements to be posted soon!

Major in Anthropology--33 Hours

Requirements to be posted soon!


Minor in Sociology--18 Hours

Four requirements must be met for a minor in sociology:

1. Complete SOC 1300 Principles of Sociology

2. Complete 18 hours of Sociology courses (SOC 1300 is included)

3. Of the 18 hours, 9 must be upper division (3000 or 4000 level)

4. Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in the Sociology courses

Sociology Minor Requirements 2015

Minor in Criminology--21 Hours

Requirements to be posted soon!

Minor in Anthropology--18 Hours

There are six required courses for the Minor in Anthropology, totaling 18 hours; nine of these hours must be upper division.  All Anthropology minors are required to take ANTH 1302, Introduction to Anthropology.  Anthropology minors must then choose and complete two courses from the Anthropology Core, which will ensure that students are trained from an anthropological perspective.  Students then must complete three additional courses from the Anthropology Core or from the designated electives.

Minor Declaration Form

Students must complete a Minor Declaration Form to enroll in the program.  Progress toward completion of the minor will be tracked on this form, kept by the Minor Advisor, Dr. Duncan McKinnon.  Students should meet with their minor advisor in advance of their registration for any term during which they will enroll in a course that contributes to the Anthropology minor.  Certification of successful completion of the Anthropology minor will be documented on this form, a copy of which will be stored in Anthropology files.
Anthropology Minor Requirements 2015



To declare a major or minor:

Sign on to MyUCA

Once you are logged on to your MyUCA account, click on the MyUCA tab

Near the center of the page, you will see Academic Advising

Fill out the form titled Change Your Major or Minor