UCA Panhellenic Council

Welcome from the President

2015 Panhellenic Council

2015 Panhellenic Council

On behalf of the Panhellenic Council, I would like to welcome you to the University of Central Arkansas! We are so excited that you have found interest in the Greek Community here at UCA, and we cannot wait to see what this journey brings you. There is so much to learn about the Panhellenic community, and all of this information may be found on this website. From learning about the recruitment process, to learning what each of these sororities have to offer you, my hope is that you become enriched with the incredible environment and experiences that will ultimately last a lifetime.

I know it’s hard to believe, but every single Greek woman has been in your shoes. We have all been scared to start this new chapter of our life at college. We have all felt the uncertainty of deciding on majors and classes, and I can guarantee we have all gotten lost our first week of school. But one thing is for certain: we don’t regret our decision on going Greek. Becoming a member of our Panhellenic community will automatically provide you with opportunities you could never imagine. We are contributors to our community, leaders of our campus, encouragement to each other no matter the day, and lifelong sisters. We are more than just letters on a shirt, (super cute) rain jackets, fancy pins, and matching bracelets. Deciding to go Greek and join a Panhellenic sorority means an indescribable bond and feeling that will provide you a sense of home. A sense of support. And a sense of encouragement. The Panhellenic Association wants to give you the courage and confidence in yourself in deciding to go this path, because it is a path that we feel forever molded us into the women we were meant to be.

So what about my grade point average? What about the whole reason I came to UCA?—my education. Let me assure you. The UCA Panhellenic Council is proud to have a grade point average that is above UCA's all campus and female average, but all above average for all Panhellenic sorority women in the nation. In the very beginning, sororities were created for the reason of scholarship. They were created on the foundation of creating an environment that would ultimately encourage and improve each and every woman’s academic achievement, and the chapters here at UCA are very much dedicated to that point. We excel in the classroom and also in philanthropies within our community. It’s easy to say that sorority women can be found in every corner of our campus, and furthermore beyond the scopes of what we could ever do by ourselves.

Going Greek can be a very hard decision. Fortunately, that is why the Panhellenic Council is here. We want to make sure you know everything you can before making this decision, and we also want to help you in making your first step towards this incredible opportunity. It is our goal to see that you find your home within one of our five absolutely amazing Panhellenic sororities through our formal or informal recruitment process. As stated above, information about upcoming Panhellenic events and anything you need to know about recruitment can be found on this website! Likewise, my council and I are here to answer any of your questions! Don’t ever be afraid to simply ask! God bless!

Go Greek! Go Bears!

Hailey Durham

2015 UCA Panhellenic Council President