A Day to Day Schedule


Remember to mark your calendars for August 24 & 28-31, 2014!  Below is a schedule for recruitment that will help you prepare.


August 24, 2014 -


  • *NOTE: this Orientation is specific to the Panhellenic Recruitment process and DOES NOT count towards the university Orientation requirement. Those dates can be found here.
  • Dress: Casual - none of the sorority members will be there - just Panhellenic! ¬†However, if you didn't get a picture uploaded to your My Campus Director account when you registered, Panhellenic will be taking one, so you may want to dress for that.
  • 5:00pm - Check In Opens
  • 5:30pm - Orientation Begins
  • Location: Student Center Ballroom
  • You will receive your recruitment shirt (to wear during the 2nd round of recruitment), recruitment booklet, and many more details about the recruitment process.


August 28 & 29, 2014 -

Round One

  • Dress: dressy casual; slacks, dress, or skirt outfit
  • 5:15: meet with your Pi Chi group in the Student Center
  • 6:00-9:05pm - Round One - you will visit all of the 5 Panhellenic sororities. Dinner will be served at breaks in-between rounds.
  • This round is split into two days. Depending on your Pi Chi group schedule, you will visit a couple of sororities on Thursday and the remaining on Friday. Recruitment is structured this way as to not overload you or the sorority women.


August 30, 2014 -

Round Two

  • Dress: Recruitment t-shirt and nice jeans/pants/skirt
  • 11:00am - Meeting with counselor group & Lunch
  • 12-7pm - Round Two - you will visit up to 4 of the sororities


August 31, 2014 -

Round Three & MRABA (bid card) signing

  • Dress: semi-formal or cocktail dress
  • 8:15am - meeting with counselor group
  • 9:00-1:45pm - Preference Rounds - you will visit up to 2 of the sororities
  • 2:15pm - MRABA signing - you will list (in order of preference) the 2 sororities you visited for Preference Round
  • Once you leave your last round, there is no talking as you walk to MRABA signing and your preferences cannot be discussed with anyone (including a sorority member or your Pi Chi)
  • You WILL be staying until all bid cards are signed (~2:30pm) regardless of when your last round ends.

Bid Acceptance

  • Dress: jeans and any t-shirt (you will get a t-shirt from the sorority you are matched to)
  • 4:45-6:00pm - Must be reachable by phone
  • 6:00pm - Panhellenic Revealment & Bids Issues
  • Family and friends are welcome to attend the Bid Ceremony