University Women offers activities for UCA women

UCA offers many wonderful organizations around campus for individuals of all backgrounds to participate in, including one that is dedicated solely to the women of UCA.

University Women is a nonprofit campus organization that began more than 55 years ago with a purpose to give the women of UCA an opportunity to know each other and to work together for the good of the university.

Dr. Nelle Bedner, assistant professor in the Writing and Speech Department and president of University Women, has personally been able to see the benefits this organization provides.

She said, ?Through this organization I have been able to see what unique challenges women are facing on a university campus and how they have worked through them and become stronger women.?

Membership is open to any woman who is a current or former employee of the university, a member of the Board of Trustees, a member of the UCA Alumni Association, or is the wife of any of the aforementioned individuals. Dues are $15 annually, half of which goes toward a book scholarship fund that has been established for non-traditional female students at UCA.

Bedner has already set her own personal goals as president for this year. Her primary goal as president is going to be increasing the active membership of this organization. Membership has been one of the biggest challenges for University Women, but Bedner is hoping to get more university women involved and to encourage their participation throughout the year.

The University Women officers have scheduled more activities through the year, and they hope it will increase interest in the organization. Bedner said, ?This is why participation makes for a stronger organization.?

Bedner has been working hard along side her fellow officers to set some goals of their own. They have made the book scholarship fund their primary goal this year. The organization wants to increase the number of book scholarships they give to the non-traditional students through a fundraiser that is being organized by Dr. Alma Corley, assistant professor in the Writing and Speech Department and communication officer for University Women.

University Women is going to publish a cookbook, comprised of the best recipes from individuals on campus, titled ?UCA’s Best Cooks.? Everyone, including the men, is encouraged to send their favorite recipe from home to Corley in Thompson Hall 326, by Dec. 1. The cookbook with all of UCA’s best recipes is expected to come out in the spring semester, but before the cookbooks are even out you will be able to try a few of the scrumptious recipes at each of the scheduled meetings.

Scheduled University Women meetings are as follows:

Holiday Meeting

3 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 20

Presidents Home

Conversations for 2004

3 p.m., Thursday, Jan 22

Buffalo Alumni Hall

Spring Business Meeting

3 p.m., Thursday, April 1

Fireplace Room, McCastlain Hall

-Anna Lacy