UCA recruits transfers from across state, country

Sportswriters will tell you that by playing with statistics, you can sometimes deduct that a team like Harding University would be able to compete in football with say, a University of Miami.

That?s pretty far-fetched of course, but statistics about the enrollment this fall at UCA do reveal some interesting data, particularly in the area of transfer students.

Of the 136 students who transferred to UCA from the state?s public four-year institutions, more (30 in all) came from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock than any other. A total of 25 left Arkansas State University at Jonesboro for UCA.

Not surprisingly, the number of transfers from the public two-year schools more than doubles from the four-year institutions.

Arkansas State University at Beebe yielded exactly 25 percent of the total of 296 two-year school transfers with 74. Pulaski Tech, meanwhile, had 44 transfers to UCA.

Seventy students transferred from the state?s independent colleges and universities. More than half of that total (36) moved across town from Central Baptist College, while 13 opted to move from Harding University to UCA.

The total number of transfer students on the campus this fall is 602, with all except 100 of those coming from Arkansas institutions.

-Tommy Jackson