Dr. Chad Lairamore

Dr. Chad Lairamore

A University of Central Arkansas professor has been elected to Distinguished Fellowship of the National Academy of Practice in Physical Therapy.

Dr. Chad Lairamore, assistant physical therapy professor and chair of the Interprofessional Education Committee in the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences will receive the National Academy of Practice in Physical Therapy medallion at the Annual Meeting and Forum and formal induction, which takes place March 17-18 in Philadelphia.

The National Academies of Practice (NAP) was founded in 1981 and consists of 14 health professions joining together to advise governmental bodies on the healthcare system with the mission of advancing interprofessional healthcare by fostering collaboration and advocating policies in the best interest of individuals and communities. The academies of practice include audiology, dentistry, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, podiatric medicine, psychology, social work, speech and language pathology and veterinary medicine.

“It is a great honor to be elected to the distinguished fellowship in NAP in Physical Therapy. As a healthcare educator, I believe it is imperative we move beyond teaching students in silos and provide them with opportunities to learn with, from and about other healthcare professionals to better prepare them to function in the complex healthcare environment,” said Lairamore. “As a member of NAP, I will have the opportunity to work at the national level with healthcare leaders and practitioners, as an interdisciplinary force to influence health policy, legislation, and promote IPE and quality healthcare. This appointment will increase the impact UCA can have on shaping the future of healthcare and reinforce the culture of interprofessional collaboration in CHBS at UCA.”

As chair of the Interprofessional Education Committee in CHBS, Lairamore is working to develop, implement, and investigate a standard for interprofessional education at UCA.

“He has been involved in developing the IPE initiative in CHBS since he came to UCA as a faculty member. He was the person who proposed the formation of the CHBS IPE committee, and he has led that committee since its inception,” said Dr. Nancy Reese, professor and chair of the UCA Department of Physical Therapy. “UCA is ahead of the curve nationally on IPE because of the work of Dr. Lairamore and his colleagues on the IPE committee from all the other departments in CHBS. The collaboration and cooperation these individuals have displayed has been truly synergistic, producing a product that no department could have accomplished separately. Dr. Lairamore has been a leader in that process.”

Lairamore received his doctorate and master’s in physical therapy from UCA. He received his Bachelor of Science in education, kinesiology and exercise science from the University of Arkansas. He has more than 10 years of clinical experience in rehabilitation for adults with neurological conditions such as stroke and brain injury. Lairamore is a board certified clinical specialist in geriatric and neurologic physical therapy from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. His research is aimed at improving motor relearning and rehabilitation for adults with neurological injuries through noninvasive brain stimulation techniques, functional electrical stimulation and facilitation interprofessional practice.