UCA Minority Student Services hosts event for incoming minority freshmen

UCA Minority Student Services on Monday unveiled a new program targeted at incoming minority freshmen, “A Slice of UCA.” The event was designed to better prepare incoming minority freshmen for the enrollment process at UCA.

Over 40 students and their parents were invited to attend a day-long workshop about financial aid, academic advising and housing. The presenters for the workshop came from UCA’s campus and the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. During the luncheon, UCA President Lu Hardin and Vice President Ronnie Williams delivered greetings on behalf of UCA and Student Services. UCA minority faculty and staff were also in attendance during the luncheon. At the conclusion of the day, students and parents were able to visit with UCA faculty and staff to answer any remaining questions and visit with registered student organizations.

Sonja Wright-McMurray, Director of Minority Student Services, plans to host four of these events during the year. She feels this program will assist in the transition from high school to college and increase the academic success rates of minority students at UCA.