UCA faculty news

Tim Thornes, assistant professor of Linguistics in the Department of Writing, has been invited to contribute from his ongoing study of the Northern Paiute language to a volume on the typology and historical development of relative clauses in the world’s languages. The book will be edited by Bernard Comrie (University of California at Santa Barbara and the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthopology in Leipzig) and Zarina Estrada Fernandez (University of Sonora at Hermosillo, Mexico). The volume will be published by John Benjamins (Amsterdam) under the auspices of its ongoing Typological Studies in Language series.

Lanette Grate of UCA’s Writing Department has completed all of the requirements for her Ph.D from Western Michigan University. Her dissertation, “Jane Addams and the Foundationalist Fallacy: Coming to Voice at Rockford Female Seminary,” was successfully defended in October.