UCA faculty news

Letha Mosley was named a Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association last month at the association’s Annual Conference in Long Beach, Cal.The Association names individuals to the Roster of Fellows to “recognize occupational therapists who with their knowledge and expertise have made a significant contribution to the continuing education and professional development of members of the Association”. Nationwide, only 16 occupational therapists were named to the Roster of Fellows this year.

To be selected, a nominee must have made “a significant contribution to the profession by utilizing special skills and/or knowledge in therapeutic practice, education, research, and/or administration”. Mosley was recognized for her excellence in education and for addressing health disparities. She is one of only four Arkansans who have been named to the Roster of Fellows.

Mosley has served as a faculty member in UCA’s Department of Occupational Therapy since 2005.