UCA faculty news

Mark Spitzer, assistant professor of writing, just returned from Texas where he was commissioned to fish for alligator gar and do a series of interviews with the British production company Icon Films for the series “River Monsters” to appear on the Animal Planet channel next year. Four alligator gars were caught and released; ranging from three feet long to six-foot-eight, 126 pounds.

Dr. Mary H. Mosley, Director of the UCA Reading Success Center, assisted the Flippin School District with a Read Around the World event for fourth grade students and their parents the last week in September. Mosley served as the humanities scholar in helping the district plan, implement, and evaluate a grant to obtain books written about different parts of the world. Students had a “passport” to get stamped as they and their parents read together in the various “countries” and areas, which included Africa, Europe, North and South America, the Antartic, and other regions. Student reading about other countries will continue throughout the year with the support of the grant funding used to obtain multiple sets of books for all fourth-grade classrooms in the district.