UCA faculty news

Raymond-Jean Frontain, professor of English, recently published the following: “Silent Signs: Fuller, David, Writing,” in The Sacred and the Profane in English Renaissance Literature, ed. Mary A. Papazian (University of Delaware Press, 2008); “Donne’s ‘Upon the translation of the Psalmes’ and the Challenge to ‘Make all this All,'” John Donne Journal 27 (2008); “Donne’s ‘Valediction of the booke’ as a Performative Action,” ANQ: American Notes and Queries 21, 2 (Spring 2008); and “Cosmos versus Empire: Teaching The Ramayana in a Comparative Context,” in Approaches to Teaching Literature in a Global Context, ed. David Damrosch (Modern Language Assoc. of America), in press.

Rebecca Gatlin-Watts, Lauren Maxwell and Marsha Carson from the College of Business, along with Cheryl Wiedmaier from the College of Education presented “Technology Solutions to Enhance Multinational Collaboration” at the Annual Meeting of the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education