Super Kids Summer Program at UCA

The College of Education and Department of Early Childhood and Special Education will host “Super Kids 2013,” a camp with three science-driven courses for students entering Grades 1-3.

Courses offered this year are:

  • Young Oceanographers and the Ocean – Super Kids will investigate what makes the ocean salty, where the water comes from, and characteristics of ocean creatures.
  • Young Zoologists and the Animal Kingdom – Super Kids will discover the unique characteristics of five different animal groups.
  • Young Ecologists and the Rainforest – Super Kids will learn how the rainforest affects our air, weather, and lives.

The Super Kids take all three courses during any one of the four-week sessions offered from June 3 to June 28.

Following lunch, a brief session will be devoted to lessons focused on friendship building, helping others, and believing in self. The motto, Once A Super Kid Always A Super Kid, is discussed as well as ways to demonstrate super action.

Applications will be processed on a first-come basis. Enrollment will include all three courses.

More Information is available by calling 501.450.3171 or accessing online

UCA Super Kids 2013 is directed by Dr. Mark Cooper and Dr. Rene’ Crow, faculty members of the Department of Early Childhood & Special Education.