Students Rank UCA Positive According to NSSE

Students FallStudents at the University of Central Arkansas have an overall positive outlook of the university, according to the recently release survey through the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

According to NSSE, 570 UCA students were asked about academic challenges, active learning experiences, student-faculty interactions and supportive campus environment. Questions covering these topics focused on both first-year students and seniors.

The report showed comparisons between UCA, the Southeast Public, the overall 2012 NSSE scores and schools that are in the same category as UCA across the nation.  Highlights where UCA scored above comparable institutions include:

  • 86 percent of first-year students feel that UCA places substantial emphasis on academics.
  • 82 percent of first-year students say their faculty are available, helpful and sympathetic.
  • 92 percent of seniors at least occasionally discuss career plans with faculty.
  • 93 percent of first-year students rate their experience as good or excellent and 88 percent of seniors would choose UCA again if they could start their college career over.

According to the report, these numbers show that the students at the University of Central Arkansas feel their educational time is being well-spent and that the faculty are helping them achieve their goals.

Many more first-year students said UCA emphasizes studying and academic work, positively rated their relationships with faculty members, administrative personnel and offices and that UCA provides substantial support for academic success.

There was a considerable amount of more seniors at UCA that said they discussed ideas from readings or classes with others outside of class and had serious conversations with students of other religions or political values when compared to the other schools.

The responses in the NSSE report show that UCA students have a more diverse group of acquaintances and believe the university and its faculty are trying their best to ensure that the students receive the best experience and education possible.

The 2012 report surveyed 285,000 first-year students and seniors attending 546 colleges and universities according to NSSE.