Presentations and Publications

A weekly listing of submitted presentations and publications by UCA faculty and staff. Submissions made to UCA Today are posted the following Friday.

Dr. William H. Friedman, Department of Management Information Systems, presented a paper on Oct. 3, at the Arkansas College Teachers of Economics and Business in Little Rock, at the UALR campus.

The paper, titled ?Pricing Computer Resources as an Externally Supplied Utility,? explores the concepts of supplying computer resources through a channel to homes and businesses, thus obviating the need to purchase a great deal of hardware and software. An important contribution of the paper is the theoretical explication of the unit of computer service, denominated a computil by Friedman.

John Vanderslice, Department of Writing and Speech, was recently notified that his short story, ?This is Not a Rape,? was accepted for publication in The Laurel Review.