Patterns in Presidential Elections Examined at History Symposium

The University of Central Arkansas’ History Department is hosting the 2012 History Symposium “Presidential Elections inHistory” on Oct. 12 from 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center.

The 2012 History Symposium: Presidential Elections in History is a conference for educators who teach social studies. Keynote speaker Dr. Allan Lichtman will lead the conference by examining the 13 historical patterns in presidential elections that have been used to correctly predict the popular vote in elections from 1984 to 2008. Lichtman will apply these patterns to the upcoming 2012 elections.

“You’ve heard what the polls have to say about who is favored to win the November election, but come to the symposium to see what history has to say about who is likely to win,” said Dr. Ken Barnes, the UCA Department of History chair.

Dr. Lichtman is a Distinguished Professor of History at American University and author of seven books, including The Keys to the White House. He has also provided commentary for several national television networks and foreign broadcast companies.

Additional presenters will speak on the election and presidency of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln’s election in a time of Civil War, and the 1992 election of Bill Clinton.

Registration is available online at: A fee of $25 is required upon registration. This event is sponsored by The Point 94.1FM.