Officials to Continue Testing of Burdick Hall

Classes will not be held in Burdick Hall until a toxicology firm has completed its testing of the building, according to UCA officials. Classes have been moved to another location on campus.

One professor and at least six students complained of feeling ill about 10:40 a.m., Friday. The building was evacuated. No one was transported to the hospital. The building was reopened for faculty and staff. Classes were moved Friday to the Speech Language Pathology building.

Officials with the Conway Fire Department, MEMS, the Department of Health and UCA Physical Plant conducted air quality test, which showed normal oxygen levels, said Conway Fire Chief Bart Castleberry. Carbon monoxide detectors and oxygen level meters installed in the building last week also indicated normal oxygen levels.

Officials have contacted a third company, Center for Toxicology & Environmental Health LLC, to conduct toxicology and environmental health tests. Once a report is received, officials will determine whether classes will resume in Budrick.

“If not, we will take appropriate action as recommended in the report,” said UCA President Tom Courtway.

Officials also plan to install ceiling fans in each classroom to assist with the airflow.