Incoming class most academically qualified in school history

First-time undergraduate enrollment is up at the University of Central Arkansas with a freshman class that is also the most academically qualified in the history of the institution. Transfer students and full-time equivalent with regard to total enrollment are also up.

First-time undergraduate enrollment grew to 1,937 for fall 2017, up three percent from 1,880 in fall 2016, according to preliminary data.

“We are very excited about the growth in first-time undergraduate enrollment at UCA and even more encouraged knowing the academic quality of this larger class,” said UCA President Houston Davis.

This incoming class of 2021 is the most academically qualified class in the history of UCA with an average ACT composite score of 24.3 and an average GPA of 3.5 for first-time undergraduate students.

“These numbers are further evidence of the high caliber student who chooses to attend UCA,” said Davis. “The academic quality of those who want to call Bear Country home is on the rise.”

The number of transfer students at UCA also increased by more than 12 percent to 742 for fall 2017.

This increase is likely attributed to the university’s transfer agreements with 19 Arkansas community colleges. These “2+2” agreements detail specific courses that a student at a community college would take to earn an associate degree, while simultaneously fulfilling the first two years in a designated degree program at UCA.

Another critical enrollment category, full-time equivalent, remained steady at 9,696.

Total fall 2017 enrollment at UCA is 11,350.