Faculty Senate learns about summer school plans

The faculty senate learned during their meeting yesterday about plans to offer more classes during the next summer session.

According to Associate Provost Dr. Elaine McNiece, offering more summer courses could help the university raise funds for instructional technology. She said, ?One of the goals is to create a schedule that has a profitable bottom line.?

In an effort to recruit more students to attend summer courses, the university is developing a marketing campaign and is working with the student government association and student activities board to develop activities for students during the summer sessions.

Senator Marc Hirrell asked if the profit brought in by each department would stay with the department. According to McNiece, the profits would be placed into one general fund for instructional technology that could be used for any academic area.

Provost Gabe Esteban said, ?The only way we can make meaningful changes across campus is if we?re all in this together.?

The deans and chairs within each college are working to develop summer school schedules that will be delivered to the Provost?s Office by Oct. 1. The schedules will be posted online by the end of October.

Over the years, summer school offerings have declined due to a combination of there not being enough students enrolled in summer courses and classes being canceled because not enough students enrolled. According to McNiece, the classes offered in the schedule that is posted online will be available regardless of how many students sign up for the classes.

Senate President Carl Frederickson announced that the administration is working on a formula for disbursing equity salary adjustments to tenure-track or tenured faculty. Earlier this month, UCA President Lu Hardin announced a three percent salary increase for faculty and non-classified staff that would be effective in October. An additional $300,000 was set aside for equity adjustments.

The senate unanimously passed a resolution of appreciation for President Hardin?s efforts during his first year as president.

The resolution said, ?During the first year of his tenure, President Lu Hardin has taken great strides to improve the environment for the faculty at the University of Central Arkansas. These improvements are represented by the expedited effort to remove AAUP censure, the movement of Computer Services to the Provost?s office and the effort to address faculty salary issues. The faculty senate expresses its appreciation for the efforts of President Lu Hardin to improve the faculty conditions at the University of Central Arkansas during his first year.?

-Jennifer Boyett