The Conductor is gifting a set of Entrepreneur Kid books to elementary schools in Faulkner County in a ceremony Thursday, Nov. 2 at 1:30 p.m. in the UCA Makerspace Powered by the Conductor located in The Shoppes at Donaghey, 250 Donaghey Ave. Suite 130 in Conway.

Superintendents and principals from each of the 20 elementary schools in Faulkner County will receive the signed books during the event. The Entrepreneur Kid Book Gifting Ceremony is open to community members and makers of all ages.

Jeff Standridge, chief catalyst of the Conductor, and Kim Lane, COO of the Conductor, will present the books.

The gift is indicative of the Conductor’s Entrepreneurial Talent Development Initiative, which catalyzes entrepreneurial education and opportunities in K-12 students, college students and the community. The Entrepreneur Kid books will enable young students to be exposed to entrepreneurial, problem-solving concepts in a relatable, easy-to-read format.

“Talent development is a very important focus for the Conductor,” said Standridge. “We think it is critical that students, teachers, administrators and parents understand that entrepreneurship is a viable career path. The Entrepreneur Kid books do a great job of helping us tell that story. Even if the students with whom we come into contact don’t go on to start their own businesses, it’s important to also let them know that even established companies look to hire innovative, entrepreneurial talent.”

Present at the ceremony will be UCA President Houston Davis; Dr. Victoria Groves-Scott, dean of the College of Education at UCA; and Lance Stokes, founder of Lauren James, a women’s apparel retailer.

“Equipping students with these books is a tangible way to plant entrepreneurial seeds in young people,” said UCA President Houston Davis. “We are excited about igniting this innovative spark in students and giving them the tools and resources to see their ideas come to fruition.”

Book author Erica Swallow will also be on hand at the event.

“I wrote these books with educators in mind,” Swallow said. “Every book ends with a question meant to open up discussion, whether in a classroom setting or with parents: ‘Now it’s your turn. What problems do you want to solve in the world?’ I can’t wait to hear what the educators of Faulkner County think about the potential for introducing kids to entrepreneurship through this series.”

Representatives from the Faulkner County schools will also tour the Makerspace and learn more about the field trips, hands-on events and student-focused programming in the space.

Since its launch in September, the Makerspace has reached over 200 students in the area, trained 100 community members in its Maker Certification program, and facilitated field trips with elementary, high school and college students.

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About the Conductor

The Conductor, a public-private partnership with the University of Central Arkansas and Startup Junkie Consulting, drives innovation, entrepreneurship economic empowerment and talent development in central Arkansas through high-impact programming, one-on-one consulting, commercialization support and collaboration.

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UCA’s Makerspace Powered by the Conductor, is a place for students and the community to make, design and dream. The Makerspace is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., and holds regular community classes, workshops and Maker Certification training for people of all ages. All of the classes and events in the Makerspace are free and open to the public.

About Entrepreneur Kid

Entrepreneur Kid is focused on inspiring children everywhere to think creatively and solve problems. The Entrepreneur Kid picture book series showcases the true stories of four real kid entrepreneurs who have started and continue to manage real businesses. Written by technology journalist and entrepreneur Erica Swallow, and illustrated by graphic designer Li Zeng, the series is a tool for introducing children to the concepts of entrepreneurship, perseverance, creative thinking, and philanthropy.