Chuck Klosterman to conclude UCA fall residency series

Acclaimed writer Chuck Klosterman this week will appear at UCA to provide a public talk on his published works and teach two master classes to students. Klosterman’s appearance will conclude UCA’s Artists in Residence series for the fall semester.

Klosterman has published several books, including Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto; Downtown Owl: A Novel; Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story; and Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas. His writing style is considered “memoirist,” focused on the critical review of contemporary American culture. His writing presence in pop culture has increased his popularity.

“Klosterman is only 36, which is young for someone so prolific and accomplished,” UCA writing instructor Robin Becker said. “He started his career as a journalist in Fargo, N.D. He was a small-town rural Midwesterner in love with rock and roll. And currently, he is one of America’s most astute and hip cultural critics, tackling topics as diverse as Britney Spears, The Sims, Billy Joel, The Real World, Saved by the Bell and basketball. He’s written five acclaimed books — two of essays, two of creative non-fiction and one novel. Students will be able to relate to his subject matter and his writing style: accessible, funny and relevant.”

Students will have chances to learn directly from Klosterman during the reading or one of the master classes.”You don’t have to grow up in a big city to make it,” Becker said. “Klosterman grew up on a farm in rural North Dakota and when his first book came out, he was living in Akron, Ohio. He worked his way up from small-town newspapers to Spin and Esquire magazines. In addition, he shows us that no topic is too trivial for serious inquiry. He doesn’t just describe and review pop culture icons — he finds deep meaning in them, reminding us that pop culture is our culture.”

Klosterman will hold a reading and public talk regarding his books on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 7:30 p.m. in the ballroom of McCastlain Hall. A book signing will follow.

In addition, Klosterman will teach two master classes for UCA writing and Honors College students on Wednesday, Nov. 19. Subject topics will most likely include the writing process and the path to publication from both a journalist and author stance, Becker said.

Klosterman is one writer featured in the Artists in Residence program designed to educate students through experience with professionals in specific career fields.

“The Artists in Residence program brings first-class writers — and musicians and filmmakers and other artists — to Conway,” Becker said. “Students learn a great deal from interacting with professional artists. The program makes them even more accessible by having both a formal ‘lecture’ and then smaller classes or workshops where students can ask questions and see a working artist up close and personal. It provides a model for a possible career path.”

The Artists in Residence program is funded through UCA’s arts fee and administered by the College of Fine Arts and Communication. For more information, call the Office of the Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication, at (501) 450-3293 or e-mail