Arrigo receives math grant

Dr. Danny Arrigo, Department of Mathematics, recently received a $2,500 grant to study the nonclassical symmetry analysis of a nonlinear wave equation system.

According to Arrigo, ?The nonlinear wave equation has many important applications including modeling the flows of gases and liquids. Analyzing such equations is important in describing and predicting phenomena such as one-dimensional gas flows and shallow water waves.?

He continued, ?The goal of this research is to perform a symmetry analysis on a system of compatible mathematical equations, then determine and solve new equations, which will lead to new forms of wave speeds that admit compatible equations. The search for exact solutions to equations such as these continues to have a profound impact on the development of several research areas in applied mathematics.?

The results from this project will be disseminated at several symposiums and annual meetings, and also submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, this grant supports the continuing efforts made to encourage undergraduate research in the mathematical sciences.

The grant was provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency through the Arkansas Space Grant Consortium.