Archives acquires papers of two Arkansas journalists

The University of Central Arkansas Archives has acquired the papers of two Arkansas journalists. Richard Allin and Charles Allbright, both writers for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, have donated their papers to the UCA Archives.

Jimmy Bryant, director of the archives, said that the papers of Allin and Allbright were two of the most significant collections ever obtained by UCA.

Bryant said, ?These writers wrote about Arkansas history and Arkansas culture each time they penned an article. Their articles are important not only for their practicality and entertainment, but also for recording and reporting Arkansas history. Their huge throng of adoring readers can rest assured that Allin?s and Allbright?s papers will be professionally preserved and well cared for by the UCA Archives.?

Allin joined the Arkansas Gazette in 1963 and began writing the Our Town column on September 8, 1965. Allin wrote the Our Town column for the newspaper until it closed in October 1991, and was then immediately hired by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Mr. Allin has continued to write the Our Town column for the newspaper. He also is a published author having written The Southern Legislative Dictionary, The Second Southern Legislative Dictionary, and The Wad and Gudge Creek Chronicles. He will be employed with the paper until December 31.

Allbright worked for the Arkansas Gazette from 1955 to 1966 in various capacities including the writer of the Our Town column. He left the newspaper in 1966 to work for in Rockefeller and returned to the paper in 1973.

In 1974, Allbright began writing the Arkansas Traveler column and continued to do so until the Gazette closed in October 1991.

After the newspaper closed, he was immediately hired by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He has continued to write the Arkansas Traveler column for the newspaper. Allbright also is a published author, having written 25 Years of Arkansas Gazette Photography,

1950-1975, The Consecrated Cross-Eyed Bear, Gravely The Mules Stopped Dancing, The Night Of The Possum Concert
, and co-authored The Best of The Arkansas Traveler, 1956-1986.

Along with Allin, Allbright will end his career with the newspaper on the last day of this year.

According to Jimmy Bryant, Allin?s and Allbright?s collections will contain articles each has written, personal correspondence, professional correspondence, books each has authored, awards and photographs. Bryant said he expects the papers of both writers to be processed, cataloged and available to the public by summer of next year.

A reception will be held to honor both men in spring of 2004.