Gender Studies Lecture Series


Fall Lecture Series Speaker for 2014: Heather Olsen-Beal 


The Gender Studies minor program hosts at least one lecture each school year to provide an opportunity for students to learn about gender issues through faculty research. The topics are often those not covered in the classroom, but are presentations that enhance textbook material, and in turn, emphasize the significance of gender in society. The lectures are an example of the high-quality research that faculty are contributing to the academic world. Moreover, the lectures aim to inspire students to do research.
Dr. Taine Duncan, director of the Gender Studies minor program, wants students to know that no matter what their majors are they can integrate this minor into their career goals. “One day they will apply their knowledge in the real world and gender issues are all around us. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is beneficial in numerous ways: It touches on different issues, theories, and ideas across various subject areas, giving students well-rounded perspectives. Students learn to think critically and are inspired to affect positive changes regarding justice and equality."


Gender Differences in Juvenile Justice










Send questions about the program to Dr. Taine Duncan, (  or call her at (501) 852-2641.