Diversity Advisory Committee

(replaces the Affirmative Action Advisory Committee)

As set forth in University of Central Arkansas Board Policy 525:


(a) review  all policies, programs, and offices of the University of Central Arkansas in an effort to (i.) promote and maintain a diverse student, faculty, and staff population and (ii) foster an environment of inclusion and diversity;

(b) develop and present to the Board of Trustees and the President (i) plans and recommendations to increase diversity, including but not limited to, staffing, budget recommendations, and program changes, if any, and (ii) recommendations concerning language to be included in University publications, advertisements, and other materials on the subject of diversity;

(c) prepare and file with the Board of Trustees and the Office of the President, an annual report on diversity initiatives with such recommendations  as the committee may deem necessary and advisable; and

(d) undertake such other activities, studies or initiatives as the Committee may, from time-to-time, deem necessary or advisable, as well as conduct any other matters within the Committee's jurisdiction as may be requested by the Board of Trustees.


  • One member of the University's Board of Trustees,appointed by the Board of Trustees
  • University's Chief Diversity Officer or his/her designee, chair (ex-officio)
  • Associate Vice President of Human Resources (ex officio)
  • Associate Provost for Instructional Support (previously Director of Assessment, ex officio)
  • Professional Development and Training Coordinator (ex officio, non-voting)
  • Two persons appointed by the Board of Trustees, at least one of whom shall be a person holding an administrative position at the University
  • One faculty member from each College appointed by the Faculty Senate from nominations submitted by the Dean of each College and one At-Large faculty member selected by the Faculty Senate from the non-affiliated faculty
  • Four persons designated as representatives from the Staff Senate
  • Two persons designated as representatives from the Student Government Association
  • One person designated as the representative from the UCA Alumni Association
  • One person designated as the representative from the UCA Foundation, Inc.

Ex-officio positions are permanent members of the committee.

The UCA Board member and the representatives from the UCA Alumni Association, the

UCA Foundation, and the Student Government Association shall serve one-year terms on the committee.

All other members shall serve two-year terms.

Members of the committee may be reappointed.

The chair of the committee shall be the University's Chief Diversity Officer. The committee shall hold at least one meeting in the fall semester and one meeting in the spring semester each year. Special meetings may be called by the Chair, or upon the request of any two members of the committee. At least two working days' notice of any meeting shall be provided to each member.


Member College Term Title
Ronnie Williams Permanent University Chief Diversity Officer (ex-officio)
Graham Gillis Permanent Associate VP of Human Resources (ex-officio)
Kurt Boniecki Permanent Associate Provost for Instructional Support (Assessment - ex-officio)
Charlotte Strickland Permanent Professional Development and Training Coordinator (ex-officio, non-voting)
Victor Green 2015 Member, Board of Trustees
VACANT 2015 Board of Trustees Appointee
VACANT 2015 Board of Trustees Appointee
Nancy Gallavan COE 2017 Faculty Senate Appointee
Sandra Luckett CFAC 2016 Faculty Senate Appointee
Letha Mosley CHBS 2016 Faculty Senate Appointee
Lauren Maxwell COB 2017 Faculty Senate Appointee
VACANT CNSM 2015 Faculty Senate Appointee
Bi Ling Chen CLA 2016 Faculty Senate Appointee
VACANT At-Large 2015 Faculty Senate Appointee
Jerry Coleman 201? Staff Senate Appointee
Tiffany Johnson 201? Staff Senate Appointee
Aaron Knight 201? Staff Senate Appointee
Joslyn Kuykendall 201? Staff Senate Appointee
Hershila Lallu 201? SGA Appointee
Ryan Pfaff 201? SGA Appointee
Greg Hunt 201? Alumni Association Appointee
VACANT 201? UCA Foundation Appointee

Reports to

University President

DACMinutes December 3rd, 2013

DACMinutes February 11th, 2014

DACMinutes March 31st, 2014

DACMinutes April 21st, 2014

Last updated on August 27, 2015