Academic Adjustments and Appeals Committee


The committee serves as a faculty committee to review atypical cases in which rigid application of university academic regulations might result in an injustice to an individual. The committee may recommend the waiver or modification of any university regulation within the limits of sound educational practice.


  1. Registrar, serves as secretary.
  2. Six faculty members, one from each college, appointed by the Faculty Senate. Faculty members will serve five-year terms on a rotating basis. The chair is elected by the committee.


Member Term Title
Rebekah Rasnick Permanent Registrar
Janet Filer 2017 COE
Sophie Dix 2018 CFAC
Nolan Carter 2020 CNSM
Doug Isanhart 2020 COB
Veda Charlton 2017 CHBS
Phillip Spivey  2020 CLA


on call

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Send minutes to: Chair of the Committee on Committees

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