Engineering (ENGR)

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[1] Courses in Engineering (ENGR)

3342 MECHANICS General principles of classical mechanics with an introduction to Hamilton’s principle, Lagrange’s equation, and the Hamilton-Jacobi equation. Lecture. Prerequisites: PHYS 1441 or 1410 and MATH 2471, 3331. Fall.

3343 THERMAL PHYSICS The fundamental principles of thermodynamics and statistical physics. Lecture. Prerequisites: PHYS 2443 or 2430 and MATH 2471. Spring.

3360 ELECTROMAGNETISM 1 The fundamental principles of electricity and magnetism are presented through the theory of fields. Electric and magnetic fields, their interaction with matter, and their behavior as expressed by Maxwell’s equations are explored. Lecture. Prerequisites: PHYS 1442 or 1420 and MATH 2471. Fall.

3361 ELECTROMAGNETISM 2 Continuation of ENGR 3360. Propagation, reflection, refraction, and radiation of electromagnetic waves. Lecture. Prerequisite: ENGR 3360. Spring.