Change Log

This file will record any substantive additions or modifications that are required after the publication of this issue of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin. Email if you have questions.

February 2020

Corrected course number for Introduction to Statistical Inference in the STEMteach Pure Math track (2020-02-10|jag)

October 2019

Corrected course prefix H ED 3123 to H SC 3123 Medical Terminology (2019-10-09|sm)

December 2017

Corrected course number in the list of Journalism electives JOUR 4332 to JOUR 4333 (2017-12-20|sm)

October 2017

Corrected list of electives for the General Writing minor (2017-10-28|jag)

March 2017

Corrected statement of required hours in the Planning and Administration track of the Environmental Science program (2017-03-27, 2017-04-20|jag)

May 2016

Added course CSCI 4357 Programming Mobile Devices (2016-05-17|sm)

August 2015

Corrected course number for Nutrition in the Lifecycle in the Athletic Training program page (2015-08-26|jag)

July 2015

Updated MATH 3351 description in the Mathematics courses page (2015-07-20|jag)

Corrected required courses list and related requirements list for major in Health Education (2015-07-15|jag)

February 2015

Corrected prerequisites for WRTG 1310 (2015-02-12|jag)

Corrected Category III course list in the BA/BS Psychology program page (2015-02-06|jag).

January 2015

Corrected PRAXIS information in the program description of the BSE in Physical Education Teacher Education (2015-01-23|jag)

December 2014

Deleted HIST courses 4389, 4388, 4382, 4380, 4379, 4378, 4332, 4326, 4325, 4318. (2014-12-18|sm)

Updated prerequisites for STEMteach courses. (2014-12-18|sm)

Updated course requirements for BSE in Middle-Level Education (2014-12-16|sm)

Updated policy on earning two Baccalaureate Degrees simultaneously (2014-12-16|sm)

Changed course titles for MGMT 3344, SOC 3361 and SOC 4395 (2014-12-04|sm)

Added new courses SOC 4325 and MIS 3335 (2014-12-04|sm)

Updated Academic Program and Organization page, including Gainful Employment information links (2014-12-02|jag)

November 2014

Updated course descriptions in the ECSE course list (2014-11-24|jag)

Updated teacher license name in the Modern Languages program description Section 7.1.1 and Section 7.2.1 (2014-11-20|jag)

Department name changed from Early Childhood and Special Education to Department of Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education (2014-11-11|sm)

Updated frequency of offering for MATH 2330 DISCRETE STRUCTURES (2014-11-07|jag)

October 2014

Updated ACTS course index number for MATH 1360 in the Mathematics courses page (2014-10-22|jag)

September 2014

Interior Design course renumbering, effective Spring 2015 (2014-09-08|jag)

Updated faculty list on Geography page (2014-09-07|jag)

Reflected move of the Department of Geography and its programs from the College of Liberal Arts to the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (2014-09-06/08|jag).

Added new course GEOG 3319 (effective Spring 2015) to the Geography course list (2014-09-06|jag)

August 2014

Corrected credit hour requirements for minors in Management and Marketing (2014-08-26|jag)

Added new STEMteach track to Mathematics programs (2014-08-24|jag)

Added note to the Business Foundation course list (2014-08-19|jag)

Added new minors to the Psychology and Counseling program page and to the Marketing and Management program page (2014-08-05|jag).

July 2014

Changed degree requirement to reflect new course MUS 1000 (2014-07-14|sm)

June 2014

Added new courses BUAD 2301, BUAD 2302, BUAD 2303 (2014-06-05|sm)

May 2014

Added new courses ECSE 3305, ECSE 4304, ECSE 4305
Revised curriculum and changed program name from Early Childhood Education P-4 to Elementary Education K-6 (2014-05-14|sm)

Clarified Recital Attendance requirement for music majors (2014-05-09|jag)

Added new courses PRLS 3121-3421, THEA 2200, ANTH 3320, SOC 2300
Changed credit hours and added course numbers for Communication Internship SPCH 3121-3421
Removed prerequisite for MKTG 3351
Changed course title for SPCH 1300 (2014-05-06|sm).

Updated name of the College of Education’s Office of Candidate Services throughout (2014-05-03|jag).

Corrected link to Title II reports on College of Education page (2014-05-02|jag)

April 2014

Corrections to International Baccalaureate exam table (2014-04-25|jag)

Changed course titles for MATH 4373, MATH 4310, and MATH 3351
Added new courses IDSN 2330, UNIV 0350, MATH 3352 and MATH 4313 (2014-04-21|sm)

March 2014

UBulletin 2014 published (2014-03-31|jag)

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