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Premedical Advisory Committee: Dr. Manion, Chair (Chemistry), Dr. Gomez-Kramer (Biology), Dr. Martin (Biology), Dr. Rowley (Biology), and Dr. Zehr (Biology)

Most medical schools require a minimum of three years (90 semester hours) of undergraduate college work, but almost all expect that students will complete a four-year program leading to a baccalaureate degree. Although many medical schools do not require specific courses or a specific major, most students who are successful in matriculating in a college of medicine and completing the course of study major in biology or chemistry.

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is required of applicants for admission to most colleges of medicine. Admission to medical school depends greatly on the scores achieved on this test. Areas covered by the exam are verbal reasoning, writing, biological sciences, and physical sciences. Electives should be selected to improve in areas of weakness.

Minimum requirements for admission to the School of Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) are as follows:

  • Biology: BIOL 1440 Principles of Biology I, BIOL 1441 Principles of Biology II, BIOL 2490 Genetics.  Recommended: BIOL 3402 Cell Biology.
  • Chemistry: CHEM 1450 College Chemistry I, CHEM 1451 College Chemistry II; CHEM 2401 Organic Chemistry I, CHEM 3411 Organic Chemistry II. Recommended: CHEM 4320 Biochemistry I.
  • Physics: Two semesters: PHYS 1410 College Physics 1, PHYS 1420 College Physics 2.
  • Mathematics: Two semesters (MATH 1390 and above).
  • English/Writing: Three semesters.
  • Humanities: Courses in the humanities are also required, but this requirement is satisfied by completion of the UCA Core program.

UAMS suggests that the following courses, though not required, would be useful: statistics, computer science, calculus, sociology, general psychology, abnormal psychology, speech, and additional advanced courses in biology.