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Advisor: Dr. Moran, (501) 450-5927,

Dental schools are currently admitting applicants with three years of college as well as those who have completed a baccalaureate degree.

UCA will award the bachelor’s degree to students admitted after three years of college, and after successful completion of the first year of dental school. These “3 + 1” students must follow a carefully designed curriculum while at UCA, and are urged to receive counseling from the pre-dental advisor before starting their first semester at UCA. “3 + 1” students will major in general science.

Four-year students will be able to choose a major in one of several areas, including biology, and must complete all of the requirements for their chosen major.

The following courses are commonly required by dental schools in Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas, each of which admits a specified number of students from Arkansas:

UCA Core: complete 38 hours to meet lower-division UCA Core requirements and complete upper-division UCA Core requirements using major, minor, or elective courses (see the UCA Core requirements). Consult the pre-dental advisor for details of of the UCA Core as it applies to this pre-professional program.

Biology: Principle of Biology I, BIOL 1440; Principles of Biology II, BIOL 1441; Cell Biology, BIOL 3402; and Animal Physiology, BIOL 4460; Histology, BIOL 4400 suggested

Chemistry: CHEM 1450, CHEM 1451, CHEM 2401, CHEM 3411

Physics: PHYS 1410, PHYS 1420

Mathematics: MATH 1390 or MATH 1396.

Approved coursework at UCA must total 96 hours